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Call for Nominations: Gina Wilkinson Prize for an Emerging Female Director

Nomination Period: October 15, 2018–December 15, 2018
Award Announcement: March 10, 2019
Nominees must be members of the Canadian professional theatre community and Canadian citizens or have permanent resident status, as defined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
The re-nomination of previous candidates is welcome. Preference will be shown to nominees who have spent several years in a theatre discipline other than directing (acting, stage management, design, theatre administration, etc.) and who are now transitioning into directing.
The Prize
A prize of $5,000 will be awarded to the winning nominee.
The Process
The nomination should consist of:
1. A nomination letter in support of the nominee by a recognized theatre professional.
2. An acknowledgement of the nomination by the nominee, along with a brief outline of their artistic vision, and how the Gina Wilkinson Prize might assist them in furthering their practice in this time of transition.
3. The nominee’s resume.
Anyone wishing to re-nominate their past nominee is encouraged to do so. All nominations must be submitted electronically to the following email address:
ginasprize@gmail.com. The nomination will be reviewed by the Gina Wilkinson Prize Jury: Micheline Chevrier, Bonnie Green, Eda Holmes, Krista Jackson, Jackie Maxwell, Tom Rooney and Bob White.
Read more about the Gina Wilkinson Prize here.

Date/Time: December 15, 2018 - All Day

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