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Summer Theatre School

The Chester Playhouse is pleased to announce our Summer Theatre School production for 2017! Robin Hood – The Legendary Musical Comedy!

It has been decided that for the benefit of the students, that we will go back to our traditional four week Summer Theatre School. For those students who may find this difficult to manage please get in touch with the General Manager to make arrangements.

The registration cost for the whole program will be $450.00.

Bursaries are available upon application to ProKids, or The Alexander Flemming Pattillo Foundation.

Please contact he General Manager for details.


Details of Robin Hood production are as follows:

Created by  Halifax’s Shakespeare by the Sea Collective

Directed by Cynthia Myers

When the impossibly handsome Robin of Locksley returns from the Crusades, he expects a hero’s welcome… but Prince John, the capital E.V.I.L. brother of King Richard, along with the Sheriff of Nottingham have taken charge, stolen Robin’s home (and his favourite black shirt!), and have set about to tax the poor people of the land into oblivion. After Robin is banished to Sherwood Forest, he must join an unlikely group of outlaws to seek revenge, correct bad grammar, and of course, right the wrongs of society by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor…

This irreverent to the core Canadian-made musical features clever, biting and amusing twists on the familiar legends of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. With fast-paced, witty lyrics and a polished, sophisticated score, this show is sure to have you singing “The Evil Song”, “Undercover Lover” and “After Intermission” long after the curtain has come down!


For more information visit chesterplayhouse.ca or call 902-275-3933

Date/Time: July 24, 2017 - August 19, 2017 - All Day

Location: Chester Playhouse

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