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The Donahue Sisters

Incorporated in 2007, LunaSea Theatre’s inaugural production was “The Donahue Sisters” as a co-op in 2006. Now, for our 10th anniversary season we return to the Donahue family home in the West of Ireland with a new generation of sisters…

The attic of the family home, once a playroom, is where the three sisters gather, awaiting the death of their father. They reminisce, laughing and bickering long into the night. We learn of each sister’s aspirations and disappointments as their closeness and their rivalries unfold. Eventually they can no longer resist and are compelled to re-create a sinister ritual of a secret, shared incident from their childhood. By turns funny and darkly mysterious, this inventive play hints that the ancient blood gods of Druidic Ireland may still be felt stirring below the surface of daily life.

Director: Martha Irving
Stage Manager: Kate Redding
Assistant Director: Emily Pettet
Set/Costume Design: Katrin Whitehead
Lighting Design: Ingrid Risk
Sound Design: Donny Walls


Rosie Donahue: Genevieve Steele
Dunya Donahue: Francine Deschepper
Annie Donahue: Ryanne Chisholm

March 16th to March 25th, 2017
The Waiting Room, 6040 Almon Street, 8pm
Opening Friday March 17th, 8pm
2pm Matinee on the 18, 19 & 25
PWYC advance sales for all performances are available at Ticket Halifax until March 16th
After March 16th, $20 per person cash at the door

Date/Time: March 21, 2017 - 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location: The Waiting Room

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