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Tidal Women: Braving the Storm

Other Women Theatre Collective present
a fourth collaborative production:
TIDAL WOMEN: Braving the Storm
A passion for live performance and for telling the unvarnished stories of interesting women brought Laurel Darnell, Sue Evans and Cynthia Myers together 10 years ago.
South Shore audiences from Chester to Lunenburg and beyond have enjoyed the previous works of this multi-talented trio, Fall ‘n Women, Other Women, Crafty Women, each a mosaic performance of story, song and humour around a particular theme.
In TIDAL WOMEN: Braving the Storm, Darnell, Evans and Myers chart a different course, and portray female characters of local and historical interest. Three strong narratives, told simultaneously, intertwine into one cohesive work for the stage and explore the lives of women who express their fears, frustrations and joys through writing.
“In collaborating for Tidal Women,” says Cynthia Myers, “we began with a theme of isolation, and found three characters that we felt we could live in for the whole play. We discovered three women writers, each one living an isolated life near the sea in totally different times and places and created a piece that allows us to tell the stories simultaneously.”
When researching her characters for this show, Sue Evans, a twenty five year community theatre performer, who trained professionally in the UK, was intrigued by the stories of women who disguised themselves as men to serve their country. Her characters “Ruby” and “Nan” are derived from Laurie Graham’s book “The Liar’s Daughter”, which adds dimension to the assumption that women aboard ships in the early 19th century were prostitutes.
Laurel Darnell, a producer and performer from Indian Point, plays Evelyn Richardson, using her words from “We Keep a Light”, a memoir of Everlyn’s life as a light keeper on Nova Scotia’s south shore. First published in 1945, the book was hugely successful. Evelyn received a Governor General’s Award and started a tourist boom in Shag Harbour.
Cynthia Myers, a professional actor, jazz singer (Swingology, Jazette) and Educational Director at the Chester Playhouse Theatre, chose to explore the life of Lady Anne Grenfell. Anne MacClanahan left Chicago society life to marry Sir Wilfred Grenfell, and spent her life managing his mission in St. Anthony, Newfoundland. The Grenfell mission brought education and medical stability to the impoverished people living in the desolate outposts of Newfoundland.
Audiences are bound to enjoy an evening of music, poetry and memoir of women from different eras, with a decidedly salty atmosphere!
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Date/Time: July 19, 2018 - 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Location: Chester Playhouse

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