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How to Submit an Event to the TNS Event Calendar

Printable Version: TNS Event Calendar Instructions

Updated: May 2017


Who May Submit an Event?

Permission to post in the TNS Event Calendar is reserved for members in good standing of Theatre Nova Scotia. For more information on membership benefits, please visit the membership section of our website.

Individual members of Theatre Nova Scotia may not mention a company or organization name or link to a company or organization website in a submission. This is reserved for Professional Theatre, Community Theatre, Affiliate and Ad Hoc members only.

Event Name: This is the title of your event. Do not include the company or organization name or other credits, such as “presented by”, “written by” or “directed by” unless contractually obligated to do so. More details may be added later on.


What is a recurring event? A production with multiple performances over a run (period of time).

If your event is recurring, check “This is a recurring event”.  Separate submissions are required for performances with different start times (one submission for evenings, another submission for matinees). This can be done quickly by copying and pasting the same description information for the second submission.

  1. Enter the start date and the end date (example: Oct 14, 2015 to Nov 4, 2018)
  2. Enter the start time and the end time (example: 7:30pm to 9:30pm)
  3. This event repeats: choose WEEKLY in the drop down menu and the days of the week will automatically appear
  4. Check the appropriate days (example: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat)
  5. Do not enter anything in the field “Each event spans __ days.” It is important to leave this blank so that your recurring event will appear properly on the calendar. (A zero may appear in this field. That is OK.)


What is a non-recurring event? Everything else: Festivals, one-time only performances, fundraisers, lectures/readings, job opportunities, meetings, calls for submissions, workshops, auditions.

Do not check “this is a recurring event”, if your event has only one occurrence on one day, or if it is an all-day event that lasts over multiple days.

Single day event:

  1. Enter the start date and end date (the same date for both).
  2. Enter the start time and end time.
  3. For job opportunities and calls for submissions, the start and end date should be the deadline for submissions/applications. These are ALWAYS single day, non-recurring events.

Multi-day, non-recurring event:

  1. Enter the start date and end date.
  2. Instead of start and end time, check “All day”.



Check “This event does not have a physical location.” if a location is not applicable, TBA or not on the drop-down menu.

Location Name: Choose your location from the drop-down menu. If it is not there, select “This event does not have a physical location”, submit the event, and email /phone the TNS office to request that it be added to the list.



This is where you can describe the event in detail. You may also change the formatting and add links using the toolbar at the top of the text box.

Basic information to include (as applicable):

  1. Name of the producing or presenting company or individual
  2. Location, date, time of event (ex: opening and closing dates of productions, dates/times of matinees, deadlines for submissions, etc.)
  3. A brief description (not a press release, but a short description that you might include in a season brochure or website)
  4. Ticketing prices and information on purchasing, link to online ticket purchase
  5. Website and social media links (i.e. a link to the facebook event), other contact info

We recommend COPYING THIS TEXT before clicking submit or saving it in a word processing document for later use. This way, you may reuse it if submitting the same event at a matinee time for example.


Keep reading for details to include based on your event category. NB: Assume the reader does not know anything about you, your event or your organization and always include as much information as possible even if you think it redundant.



Please select at least one category for your event. You may select as many as are applicable, but these are subject to review by TNS staff before posting.

  • Auditions: an invitation to audition for a role in a professional or community production, include dates/times/locations of auditions, requirements, role descriptions, deadline to book an audition, how to book, production dates, and union/pay information if applicable
  • Calls for Submissions: playwriting contests, funding opportunities, artist/playwright in residence opportunities, etc, include submission requirements/info, deadlines, how to submit
  • Child and Teen Programs: theatre events suitable for or specifically intended for children or teens, i.e. performances, summer camps, contests, courses/workshops, auditions, etc. include intended age group
  • Fundraisers: fundraising events, such as performances, readings, galas, raffles, contests, etc. intended to raise money for a member organization, include the name of the benefiting organization as well as ticket prices and purchase information
  • Jobs: theatre related paid opportunities in administration, education, scenery, costumes, makeup, lighting, sound, other tech, summer jobs, paid internships, etc, include job description and deadline
  • Meetings and Announcements: annual general meetings (AGMs), season launches, building openings, community discussions, etc, include all pertinent info
  • Productions: these are staged plays or performances, not including readings, see more information above on how to submit for multiple performances, include all pertinent info especially the name of the production, the producing company, opening and closing dates, performance locations and times and box office information
  • Readings and Lectures: non-staged readings of finished or unfinished plays, theatre related lectures, speakers, etc, include all pertinent info
  • Workshops: educational events, masterclasses or courses for adults or youth on theatre related topics, include all pertinent info including dates, times, locations, pricing, etc.


Event Image

This is where you can select the main image for your event, which will appear at the top of the listing, such as a poster or logo. It is a good idea to include this, since you are marketing your event to the public through our calendar. This image will also appear with the even listing in the newsletter.

Check that your image file size is under 20MB and that it is an image format, such as JPG or PNG and not a PDF or other format. If your image meets these criteria and is still not uploading successfully, please email the office with the image attached and the event it should be associated with.


Check your event carefully for errors and click “Submit Event” only once. Once an event is submitted, it may only be edited by a staff member.



OnStage Online Weekly Newsletter

Events appearing on the TNS Events Calendar are automatically included in the next edition of the members-only email newsletter, OnStage Online, which is typically sent weekly, with some exceptions.
Therefore, if you would like your event to appear in both the TNS Events Calendar and OnStage Online, you only need to submit to the TNS Events Calendar. If you would like an event or announcement to appear ONLY in OnStage Online, please send the information as you would like it to appear to theatrens[at]theatrens.ca.


Where Is My Event?

Permission to post in the TNS Event Calendar is reserved for members in good standing of Theatre Nova Scotia. Please ensure your membership is current before submitting to the TNS event calendar.

Submissions do not automatically appear on the calendar. After submitting, please allow at least 1-2 business days for your event to be reviewed by a staff member and posted to the TNS Events Calendar.

If you do not see your event on the calendar after 2 business days, please contact the office at theatrens[at]theatrens.ca or 902-425-3876.


Editing or Removing an Event

Please contact the office detailing the event you would like removed or with the changes you would like made to an event. You may not change an event yourself once it is submitted to the calendar, so please read over each submission carefully.


Submission Help

If you have questions or need help submitting to the TNS Online Events Calendar, please email theatrens[at]theatrens.ca or phone 902-425-3876.