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For the latest COVID regulations information, please visit the following resources:

NS Reopening Plan & Phases

NS Health Protection Act Order

Summer Theatre Assistance Program


Theatre Nova Scotia is pleased to be partnering with the Government of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation Support4Culture program to administer the Summer Theatre Assistance Program. The Summer Theatre Assistance Program is for professional theatre companies who run regularly occurring live summer theatre in Nova Scotia. To apply to the program, please download, complete, and submit the following application form:

Application Form


Reopening Plan Guide Template

This guide is currently being updated to reflect Phase 4 of Nova Scotia’s reopening plan.


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This is a living document, current as of June 30th, 2020. TNS will amend and update this document as appropriate when Public Health directives are released. We will also be releasing subsequent updates addressing back of house details and shared resources procurement.

TNS is sympathetic to the immense challenges posed in needing to accommodate such significant changes to theatre operations. We know you all believe nothing is worth risking the health and safety of staff, contractors, and patrons.  We continue to address the long term impact this will have on all of us. We are advocating and doing everything we can at this time to help ensure you are all able to bring your fellow Nova Scotians vibrant, meaningful, and moving theatre experiences in the post-COVID world.

The decision of when and how to reopen must be driven by a realistic assessment of each organization ability to resume operations safely. Each organization will decide for themselves if it is suitable or feasible for them to operate under such parameters or if they will continue to refrain from operations.


We will also direct our members towards the following documents released by our colleages:


Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage :

Atlantic Presenters Association:



Education through the Arts


Nova Scotia High School Drama Festival


Celebrating Nova Scotia's theatre talent

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