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The Federal General Election is underway. Election day is Monday, September 20, 2021. Please consult the following resources from Elections Canada regarding voting itself:

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Arts and Culture Promises*:

  • Provide $300 million over two years for the Recovery Fund for Heritage, Arts, Culture, Heritage and Sport Sectors, plus $70 million over three years for the Canada Music Fund and $15 million for arts and heritage institutions to meet public health guidelines. (source)
  • Revitalize farmers’ markets, main streets and other local gathering sites with $500 million over two years. (source)
  • Provide $28.7 million over five years for Parks Canada Agency to implement legislation that will create a legal obligation to protect the heritage value of more than 300 federally-owned historic places. (source)
  • Match ticket sales for arts and cultural venues to help with reduced capacity through the Arts and Culture Recovery Program. (source)
  • Launch a transitional support program for creative industry workers affected by the pandemic. (source)

Arts and Culture Promises*:  

  • Modernize the Broadcasting Act to level the playing field between Canadian broadcasters and foreign streaming services like Netflix. (source)
  • Increase funding for Telefilm, the Canada Media Fund and CBC/Radio-Canada. (source)
  • Support Canadian media to help with digital transitions. (source)
  • Support Indigenous theatre at the National Arts Centre. (source)
  • Enact income tax averaging for artists and cultural workers to help with the challenges in making a living. (source)

Arts and Culture Promises*:

  • Undertake a review of the mandate of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. (source)
  • Demand large streaming services like Netflix invest “a significant portion of their Canadian gross revenue” into creating original Canadian programming; review the fees on Canadian broadcasters. (source)
  • Review the mandate of CBC, including CBC News Network; give Radio-Canada its own legal structure. (source)
  • Create a digital media royalty framework so media outlets are “fairly compensated” when digital platforms share their content. (source)

Arts and Culture Promises*:

  • Up the funding of Canada’s cultural organizations to $1 billion over three years. (source)
  • Amend the Canada Revenue Act so arts and culture workers can use “tax averaging plans” that factor for uneven income streams over the years. (source)
  • “Ensure that the CRTC maintains and updates their Canadian Content (CanCon) regulations and definitions.” (source)

*According to MacLean's Magazine as of 2021/09/13 - please consult this article for most up-to-date information:



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Arts & Culture Policy Questions for Candidates

These questions were created for the August 2021 Nova Scotia provincial election, but please feel free to use the document as inspiration to formulate your own questions for federal candidates!

Find out who your candidates are and make sure you're speaking to them about their plans for art and culture!

Questions for Candidates


Vote for Arts and Culture Imagery

Please download and use the various "Vote for Arts and Culture" imagery (designed by Logan Robins) on your social media platforms to spread awareness about arts and cultural policy throughout the election.


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