August 24, 2021 to August 29, 2021

An exciting new play for the hopeful and the hopeless

RUN TIME: 1hr 15 mins   INTERMISSION: N    ACCESSIBLE: Y    AGES: 16+    MEMBER TYPE: Professional

Part fairy tale part gritty-real-life tale, ‘Adventures’ invites us to the roots of the Mother Tree to witness the stories of PJ and Wendy, two teenagers on the edge of a life altering moment 

PJ lives on a boat with his boys and it’s called S.S. Neverland cuz its Never-On-Land.  Wendy likes to wear high heeled flip flops while running through the woods at night. Mother Tree, our solo narrator, is a 300-year-old tree. She plays the parts of PJ and Wendy as she tells the story of how they got to be standing on her tallest branch, deciding whether they’ll fly or fall if they jump off.

Join us after dark for Gillian Clark’s exciting new play, for the hopeful and the hopeless.

Adventures will be staged outdoors in Point Pleasant Park in Kjipuktuk/Halifax, well within all COVID-19 protocol guidelines. With a limited, socially-distanced audience seated in bubbles of no more than ten people. Contact tracing will be observed. The company’s priority is keeping audiences safe while delivering accessible, professional live theatre.

Produced by: Keep Good (Theatre) Company


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