July 30, 2021 to July 31, 2021

Take a trip into the sexy and slightly seedy world of the Moulin Rouge!

TYPE: Live performance    ACCESSIBLE: Yes    MEMBER TYPE: Professional

The Neptune Reunited Concert Series is designed to bring you back to Neptune Theatre with hope in your heart and send you home remembering just what the magic of LIVE performance can do for your spirit.

We promise you a series of delightful musical adventures.

In our final concert scheduled (for now!) we find ourselves taking a trip into the sexy and slightly seedy world of the Moulin Rouge! We invite you to venture with our cast as they guide you through the back alleys and side streets to find that perfect AFTER HOURS nightclub. We won’t tell anyone you came, but you’ll be so very glad you took a chance.

Separately they are all gifted, together they are unforgettable! Sit back and enjoy as this wonderful group transports you to simpler time

Produced by: Neptune Theatre

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