October 22, 2021 to June 11, 2021

An intimate look at what it is to love yourself

RUN TIME: 60mins   INTERMISSION: No   ACCESSIBLE: Yes    AGES: 12+    MEMBER TYPE: Professional

After five years in development, Shakespeare by the Sea and Eastern Front Theatre are thrilled to announce the world premiere of FAT JULIET, a new play by Stevey Hunter.
Directed by EFT AD Kat McCormack, FAT JULIET is a modern re-telling of Romeo & Juliet told entirely from Juliet’s point of view, who happens to be fat. With all the joy and teenage angst of a first love, FAT JULIET is an exciting sleepover-style romp that takes an intimate look at what it is to love yourself.
A mix of both modern language and the heightened text of the original, the entire play takes place on a giant four-poster bed, created by emerging designer Ell Zagar. The show will feature illustrations by local artist Mollie Cronin, who is known for her funny and celebratory representations of fat bodies. Hillsburn’s Jackson Fairfax-Perry is composing the dreamy disco synth-pop score, while award-winning designer Jessica Lewis tackles lighting. Emerging designers Christian Ludwig Hansen and Everette Fournier will take on video and costumes respectively, while House of Eight's Zomi Tombing choreographs.
The play will open on October 22nd and run until October 31st at EFT’s home venue of Alderney Landing Theatre in Dartmouth. Cabaret-style seating of socially-distanced tables for two and four will be sold on a sliding scale of Pay-What-You-Can pricing, with the lowest starting at $20 per person. There will also be a Pay-What-You-Can preview on October 21st (details to be announced) and ASL Interpretation on October 28th and 30th at 7:30pm. Touch Tours and Heightened Narration will be available at select performances - dates to be announced.

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Nova Scotia High School Drama Festival


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