February 17, 2021 to February 19, 2021


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“I’m telling you I miss someone I’ve never met” proclaims Aaron Collier, creator and star of HEIST’s new multimedia storytelling show Frequencies. The innovative solo show is a mixed reality performance viewed through the eyes of a second actor wearing a VR headset with a special camera attached. While exploring his connection to his family in what could best be described as one part live techno concert and one part autobiographical confessional, the audience sees Collier and his keyboards augmented by digital scenography.
Frequencies was written by Aaron Collier (The Princess Show, Princess Rules), longtime Zuppa Theatre collaborator Stewart Legere, and Giller Prize nominated author Francesca Ekwuyasi. It is directed by Ann-Marie Kerr (Daughter, The Secret Life of a Mother), and supported by Arts Nova Scotia, Theatre Nova Scotia, the province of Nova Scotia and The Canada Council For the Arts.
* This is a livestream event being broadcast from The Bus Stop Theatre.
Tickets available for purchase at liveheist.com

Produced by: Heist


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