December 1, 2022 to December 1, 2022

Audio dramas written by and featuring CB artists

RUN TIME: Varies    MEMBER TYPE: Professional

When the pandemic hit, one of our first ideas for moving forward was HAT Radio - a collection of audio dramas written by and featuring Cape Breton artists. Now, we’re thrilled to unveil… HAT Radio: Season One. 

PLEASE NOTE: These episodes are all self-contained and designed to be watched in whatever order you choose. 

For best results, please consider listening with friends or through noise-cancelling headphones.

HAT Radio Season One is brought to listeners free of charge thanks to thousands of monthly donations through our Radical Access Program, as well as additional funding through the province of Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. 

To find out more about how you can support Radical Access and the creation of more free content by Cape Breton artists, please visit our website at

HAT Radio Season One is produced and edited by Ohan Vandermeer through Dialed In Audio. 


Produced by: Highland Arts Theatre

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