July 26, 2019 to August 1, 2019

The games we play... & what happens when we stop


Repertory Theatre Schedule - This show runs from June 30th to August 31. See producer's website for schedule details.

The best short description of Loves Labors Lost simply says that four guys decide to give up all the fun stuff in life and then they change their minds and what a lot of major worry, guilt, and angst they go through to make the change. We want this production to be an artistic balm for the daily dilemma of modern sexuality identity and angst –we are beset with magnified differences in our society, made HUGE by the immediate spread of word via the internet….how do we get back to relating as humans in love, understanding and humility regardless of gender, race, or sexual identity? Does it really matter? This play looks at the games we play and what happens when they stop. We have mixed things up a bit by having 4 females play the male protagonists and 4 males play the females, just to see what it reveals. Our discoveries are your journey through this piece. Sit back, or forward and see what happens when Shakespeare is released from the 1600’s to now.

In the event of bad weather; Shakespeare by the Sea's performances are held in The Park Place Theatre located in the bottom parking lot of Point Pleasant Park. See SBTS website for rain-call verdicts and more information.


Produced by: Shakespeare by the Sea

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