December 31, 2022 to December 31, 2022

Old-fashioned radio play fun for the whole family!

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CentreStage Theatre, the little theatre with the big heart, is pivoting to the new normal by tackling an old fashioned radio play mystery!

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, starring Ian Grainger as Holmes, Richard Stern as Watson, Caroline Leverett as Mary and Mrs. Lakland, Ian Jarvis as Tom, Liz Stern as Mrs. Michol, Alan Tupper as Gillean and Mike Butler as the Announcer, will transport the listening audience to a world of intrigue and fun as Sherlock and Watson solve The Adventure of the Tolling Bell. Filled with all the brilliant elements of early radio plays, this production is sure to delight stay at home audiences throughout the valley! You can't keep eager actors or detectives from producing and solving a mystery! 

We truly believe in ‘give a little, get a little’.  We have been longing to give our best to entertain you, and like you have been struggling with all the restrictions.  We can’t wait to get back to the stage, and get you back in our audience.  As we craft new ways to entertain you in the times of Covid, in order to keep us moving forward, we have added a new feature to our webpage – a donations button.  If you like a challenge, we’ve even built in different levels… consider it your own personal Olympics! 

You can donate electronically at levels of bronze, silver, gold or platinum.  Aside from our undying love, you will also receive a tax receipt for any amount above $10. 

CentreStage wishes to thank Tim Fisk, Shaun Whynacht and Kevin Estey for all their technical support during this time of Corona!

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Produced by: CentreStage Theatre

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