August 7, 2020 to August 7, 2020

Mind the Light by Gabrielle Papillon

EVENT TYPE: Livestream    RUN TIME: 1hr    MEMBER TYPE: Professional

Join Ship’s Company Theatre for the third instalment of their brand new Shipwright Sessions. From published award-winning plays to still-in-development musicals, the Shipwright Sessions give you the opportunity to hear excerpts of these works from the playwright themselves combined with a close-up look at the writer through mini-interviews led by Ship’s artistic director Richie Wilcox.

By the time Azelie is 15, she has taken over her mother’s job and has become a lighthouse keeper, performing many of the duties, including rescues. Over time, she becomes famous for her many rescues and becomes the reluctant hero among the local mainlander townspeople. Azelie falls in love under impossible circumstances yet remains devoted to the lighthouse and fights for her right to carry on minding the light and to keep her home. This tale about a family of women (and one man) who do not fit in with a conforming society, who find a way to be autonomous in a time when this was rare and unlikely, is also a love story about a love that is honest and true.

Gabrielle Papillon is a Halifax-based award-winning artist and songwriter. She has released seven albums which range from orchestral folk, to folk-pop, to art-pop with her newest release Shout (2019). She has had her songs placed in film, television, and advertisements in Canada, the United States, and Australia. She has been co-writing and collaborating with writer-producers and other writers for synch opportunities as well as co-writing with other artists for their own projects in the UK, the US, and Canada since 2016.

Thank you to O'Regan's for their continued support of Ship's Company Theatre and The Shipwright Sessions. Thank you to Playwrights Guild of Canada and their Play Connect Program, Canada Council for the Arts, Canadian Heritage, Arts Nova Scotia, and the Municipality of Cumberland for their support. 



Produced by: Ship's Company Theatre

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