September 19, 2019 to October 5, 2019

A hilarious and heart-warming round of golf

RUN TIME:  2 hrs    INTERMISSION: Y    ACCESSIBLE: Y  AGES: 16+   MEMBER TYPE: Volunteer/Community

It's Sex and the City ... on a golf course! Come laugh so hard your cheeks hurt. Tickets on sale NOW for The Ladies Foursome by Norm Foster.

Join TAG as they kick off the new season with a laugh-out-loud comedy. (for mature audiences)

It’s the day after the funeral of a friend, and three women gather for a round of golf in honour of their recently departed fourth. Things get interesting (quick) when they are joined by a new fourth ... a woman who knew the deceased well, but a woman the others know nothing about.

Many surprises, secrets and confessions come to the surface during this hilarious and heart-warming round of golf. No topic is off-limits!!

Produced by: Theatre Arts Guild

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