July 11, 2019 to August 22, 2019

"A Cape Breton cultural phenomenon." - CBC

RUN TIME: 100 mins  ACCESSIBLE: Y   MEMBER TYPE: Professional

An Original Musical by Wesley J. Colford Inspired by the work of Paul “Moose” MacKinnon Additional story & choreography by Thomas L. Colford

From the pages of Old Trout Funnies come a new team of heroes for a new generation: The Cape Breton Liberation Army. Join the South Bar Boys and a host of new Generals as the rag-tag gang reunites to battle mainlander ruffians, prehistoric lobsters, and the infamous Tar Pond Monster. Plus: Who is the Indefatigable Come-From-Away…?

Not the heroes Cape Breton deserves, but the heroes Cape Breton has to bloody well live with, b’y!

Produced by: Highland Arts Theatre

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