May 29, 2019 to May 31, 2019

How does a century-old tragedy resonate today?

RUN TIME:  90 mins   ACCESSIBLE:  Y   AGE:  14+  INTERMISSION:  N  MEMBER TYPE:  Professional

Sign language interpretation will be provided during the May 30th presentation.

Presented by Surplus Production Unit

In 1911, 146 people were killed in a fire at the factory of the Triangle Waist Company in New York. The highly contentious trial that followed spurred the public to demand workplace safety reforms and became a touchstone for radical and progressive political movements. At the time, people swore that the victims and the fire would never be forgotten.

Three actors – from another country and century – are tasked with reading from the massive trial transcript as quickly as possible. Despite the speed, they must communicate the key points and central conflicts, while giving insight into the 1911 events and their resonance with the world of today. Can they beat their best time? Can they surprise us? Can they help us remember?

Conceived by Alex McLean with (alphabetically) Chun Shing Au, Zach Faye, Carmen Lee, Kat McCormack, Briony Merritt, Lily Ross-Millard and Richie Wilcox

Starring: Kat McCormack, Briony Merritt and Richie Wilcox

Set/prop design: Chun Shing Au, Kai On Kerwin Lam and Carmen Lee

Direction and Script (from verbatim sources): Alex McLean

Preliminary Research: Myrto Koumarianos

Presented by the Office of the Worker Counsellor, Halifax Fire and the Halifax Professional Fire Fighters

With support from Arts Nova Scotia and the NSGEU

Produced by: Mayworks Halifax Festival

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