September 2, 2021 to September 25, 2021

Candid conversations about love and life from a Cape Breton porch

Type: Live   MEMBER TYPE: Professional

By Kristen Da Silva

This romantic comedy opens with retired sisters, Suzanne and Glenda, sitting on the porch of their shared Cape Breton Island home. While the retirees’ conversation covers ordinary town gossip, it also ventures into much saucier territory - in fact, no topic seems off limits. A visit from Suzanne’s daughter, Beth, highlights a strained mother-daughter relationship. The sisters are keeping an important secret from Beth that they can longer contain, and Beth also hasn’t been forthright with life-altering news. Hilarious scenes follow featuring the handsome next door neighbour, a wild wedding, and some medicinal experimentation. Intermingled throughout are candid conversations about love and life, and the conclusion will leave you wiping tears from your eyes..



Produced by: Theatre Baddeck

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