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Halifax Fringe Festival is seeking a new Executive Director!


Application Deadline: Friday, July 8th
Position Start Date: Negotiable. Onboarding starting Aug 2022
Contract Type: Year-Round, Full Time, Flexible Hours
Salary: $35,000 annually


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The Executive Director will oversee all aspects of the organization’s operations, involving the planning, administration, funding, logistics, and execution of the Halifax Fringe Festival. They will be a passionate leader dedicated to the organization’s mission of creating an accessible space for everyone to express themselves through performance. The ED reports directly to the Halifax Fringe Festival’s Board of Directors and will be tasked with delegating all responsibilities required to produce the festival. They will also be responsible for programming workshops and educational opportunities that maintain Fringe’s role as an organization that reflects the needs and desires of our arts community, while challenging its members to grow and develop.







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